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Musacchia Broadheads is a no nonsense broadhead company with the simple goal of providing the archery industry with a high quality, reliable broadhead, made right here in the United States. With the introduction of the NBS100 (No Bull S***!) Broadhead, we plan to hit the ground running by building a one-on-one relationship with the consumer. There is no need for flop n’ chop. What archery needs is a well-built, dependable broadhead, and that is exactly what we provide.

There are a handful of families in the Archery community who have made an impact. One of those families is the Musacchias, with the patriarch John Musacchia Sr. as “Muzzy”, at its center. With the help and guidance of his children, including his son, John Jr., the story of the Musacchia conception of their original product line cannot be told simply in a one page introduction. John Jr’s mission is to further establish the Musachhia name into the foundation of archery. The legacy of his father, coupled with his moral fabric, his commitment to a quality product, and his love for bow hunting, are at the heart and soul of Musacchia Broadheads, LLC.

John Musacchia Jr. is the founder and CEO of Musacchia Broadheads LLC. His roots are deeply planted in the archery industry. He started out with his father, John Musacchia Sr., who was the founder of Muzzy Products Corp. Due to health issues, John Sr. gave full responsibility of Muzzy Products Corp to John and his sister. John took the responsibility with a passion and instituted standards that optimized the production of broadheads. With his belief that a happy customer is the most important aspect of a successful business, he built a loyal fan base by creating an outstanding relationship with customers.

As is the story with many family companies, a disagreement as to the direction of the company occurred and John stepped down as CEO of Muzzy Products Corp. The company was sold soon after. Due to the terms of the sale, John was not permitted to be involved with the industry that he loves. Those terms have expired, and John has been gearing up to re-enter the industry, with Musacchia Broadheads and the NBS100. Musacchia Broadheads LLC will Manufacture and sell only those products that will further dignify the sport of bow hunting. We will treat customers as brethren in the pursuit of excellence in bowhunting. Bowhunting is a noble sport and as such we will aspire to walk in the likeness of Nimrod, the mightiest hunter in the eyes of God.

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